Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ready steady Go

My big adventure has started, today is the first day of my journey of transformation. Today I started a very controlled eating plan, I will follow this eating plan for the next 13 days then on the 25th November 2008 I go into hospital to have lap band surgery. This was a huge decision to make, weight loss surgery should not be entered into lightly.

I have always had a weight problem, I started high school in a size 20 school uniform. My weight has never really had a major impact on my life. I guess my parents have been amazing and have ensured I have always felt loved and secure no matter what my weight was. My self esteem has always been very much intact ed. I have always known I was pretty and smart and had a clever wit. In my life I always managed to do , go and be where ,who and what I have always wanted to do , go or be... I have travelled , I have had adventures I have made the most precious friends, I have an amazing husband, I have partied and there is no doubt I have been the dancing queen that will some day come sliding into to her grave with champagne in hand screaming what a hell of a ride my life was.

BUT, and ain't there always a but !!!! At some stage we all have to pay that piper , genes, donuts and ice cream have caught up with me and I have reached a pinnacle in my life where I'm sick of being fat. I want life to be easier and I want to be able to wear Sass & Bide and just be more comfortable in jeans, I want to feel less cosy in a plane seat and I want to live longer to enjoy my great life and my wonderful relationships and I want to just be a healthy weight, simple.

So on November 25th I go in for lap band surgery.I'm currently on an Optifast diet that's special low kilojoule meal replacement diet , breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yep all meals are replaced for two week prior to surgery. This is required by my surgeon to shrink my liver. As the stomach sits behind the liver and people who are overweight have whats called a "fatty liver" and experience has show that if the patient goes on this very restrictive diet prior to surgery that it reduces the size of the liver considerably and ensures the surgery is as safe as possible.

People have to be on the Optifast diet for 2, 4 or 6 weeks depending on there BMI ( Body Mass Index) this is the magic number that indicates how much fat you have in your body. A BMI of over 25 is unhealthy and my BMI is 39 so I'm hoping to get it down down down. 12 days of Optifast shakes and no carbs, sugar or protine except whats in the meal replacements, yumo... Of course Im starving but in two weeks I will be banded so let the games begin...A journey like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, come with me and watch the transformation from a pretty colourful caterpillar to a stunning free butterfly.

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