Thursday, June 11, 2009

You will never, never know if you never, never go, NT

First stop Darwin next stop Hong Kong & China

Hi team
We have just returned from a week in Darwin the Northern Territory ,
It was amazing , it is such a great town and we did the whole national park experience, with termite mounds, swimming in huge natural water falls and enjoying the great clear Sky's and hot weather. We had 30 degrees Celsius everyday . Its the dry season up there and the weather was so nice after all the cold and winter rain we have had here over the past month. We saw crocodiles and went to the wetlands and it was just great . The reason for the trip was Craig had the National Congress of Council conference on so i tagged along, I have to pay my own way, however I scored a cheep jet star ticket $320 return, not bad at all.
We went up a few days early so Craig had a chance to look around before the conference started on the Sunday. It is a 4 ½ hour flight from Sydney. What a vibrant place it has just blossomed, I was last there when I was 16 with two school friends, some 25 years ago, I didn't recognise much of the city at all it has changed so much. Darwin has a real outdoor lifestyle , great pubs and cafes and loads of backpackers and a real mix of outback Australia meets the world.

I hate the cold so this getting away for winter breaks is a bit of me, but wait theres more We are off to Hong Kong & China on a work fact finding/holiday, Friday week. Just call us sun birds following the sun around the world, ohhh it sounds so exotic, hahahaha. I’m already there in my mind , again I cant wait to get away from this winter cold to the warmth of the Hong Kong Asian Summer. I had a taste of the winter warmth in Darwin and the 30 degree + every day. Sunshine, swimming, and great shopping, suites me down to the ground. My girlfriend is the 2 IC of a hotel on Hong Kong Island and we will be staying with her. It will be so great as she will be able to show us around and she is great with the language and knows all the good places to shop and eat and I'm looking forward to hanging out with her. Again we picked up some great airfares back in January on the net and we need a kid free break.

Speaking of kids, they are great, Renee ( 19 year old daughter) is loving Uni in Armidale, a great college town 7 hours drive North-West of here. Law is a challenge but she is doing so well nothing less that a distinction in all her subjects so far. She is a chip off the old step mummy block, hahahahaha.

Ryan ( 16 year old son) is still my challenge, but he is loving his job, they just made him department manager , so for a 16 year old that’s not to shabby, he is certainly a very good looking kid and he still has the first dollar he ever earned so I'm sure money wise he will go far.

Sean ( 22 year old son) and Holly ( 24 year old American girlfriend ) have decided to go their separate ways and Holly is going back home to Arizona in August . Sean has applied to also go back to Uni to do a second degree, and you guessed it he will be also doing Law, he finished his Bachelor of Business last year and has been working full time but has decided he is also wants to be a lawyer and will be joining Renee at UNE (University of New England) in August, Craig is also hanging to go back and do Economic law to add to his economics degree , so before you know it we will be opening The Doyle, Doyle and Doyle legal practice, hahahaha... I will be the marketing and PR side of the firm...

All the puppies went to wonderful homes. The little champagne coloured female went to a great older couple, Gwen and Richard, they live on a magnificent property at Wollombi. We were up there with friends to the public Holiday Monday markets ( they are on every public holiday Monday and have been for over 20 years) on the weekend and we called in to see her , she is so adorable and looks just like Paisley, they are thrilled with her and she has an older mummy dog she lives with Jenny she is a 10 year old pointer and they get on great.
I gave the little dark apricot one to my mum for mother’s day as a surprise, she was thrilled and they called her Petal, she started puppy school last night and mum said she is a star. She is adorable and I get to see her all the time so that is unreal. Then last but not least, the final pup to go was the little white male, he went to a great family just in Terrigal they have two kids they called him Otis, they are also thrilled I had an email last night from them and all is good in puppy land. Cuppy Cake ( the other champagne female) is doing great with her family at saratoga. So I’m a very happy camper and things have settled back down to normal with my two wonderful mum and dad dogs Paisley and Newman. I will let her have more puppies but not for at least another 12 months, she did so well they are all so healthy and so so so cute and happy.

On a more serious subject my weight loss is still so slow, its insane, I’m now seeing a kenisiologist to try and help me unlock the emotional blockers to me losing weight, I lovingly call her Bec my Hokas Pokas chick. I hadn’t lose not a pound for over 2 months then in the past two weeks Ive lost 2kgs ( 5 pound for the yanks who read this blog) In total over the past 6 months I have lost 13.8kgs that's just over 30 pounds, so that’s good, I guess just not as much as I had hoped. Maybe I’m starting to get the key to getting rid of this weight.
My hokas pokas Chicky has taken me off lactose and I have to have organic socked oats for breakfast, eat more pineapples and kiwi fruit and have 1 table spoon of flax seed oil every night, yumo... She also does irradology and looks at my eyes, I even had photos taken of my eyes last week, what a hoot to see my eyes as big as footballs on the computer.
I also got the results from all my blood test , some five pages including an ECG and I'm the healthiest I have been for a long time my cholesterol is down nearly to normal and I'm no long insulin resistant 9 a pre diabetic condition) so that's remarkable , I still have a slightly fatty liver but that is also getting better by the day, all the other 50,000 things tested were all normal, Bec says i have a strong constitution, good genes I say, and for that I'm very lucky, no high blood pressure , no joint issues,no nothing serious. So when I get this weight off I will live to 100.
I’m still slack with the exercise however I have been walking every day , but I haven’t been back to see Matt my personal trainer for over two weeks, slack. The gym I go to, Oxigen Mind and body fitness, has taken me on as a case study and they are giving me a personal trainer twice a week and sending me to the Kenesiologist.
In fairness I have just been bone lazy, Matt has had the flu and I know these are all excuses but to be honest I spoke to another girl from my gym last Friday and she said the whole gym has the flu and as I'm off to Hong Kong in just over a week, I simply cant afford to be sick.
Due to the Swine flu outbreak in Australia they are so paranoid about letting Australians in to Hong Kong and China, in fact many other countries as well. They are scanning people as they get off the plane in Hong Kong if the plane originated in Australia and if your temp is up even slightly they are not letting you in. Those Chinese may have the secret to great skin but they are a little paranoid when it comes to disease ,but then again I guess and out break in a country as populated as China is nothing to sneeze at. Anyway I just seem to find every excuse in the book not to go o the gym, I love the gym, I'm good at the gym , the gym is good for me, I love and accept myself, this is all part of the NLP ( Neural linguistic programing )Bec is also doing with me, change the conscience mind and aline it with the sub conscience mind and everything will fall into place...oommm ooommmm ooommmm think thin....!!!
Talk soon

Monday, May 18, 2009

Autumn in Armidale, the families flying visit

Our Number One Son leaves home

The Doyle pups have all found wonderful new homes, with a lovely family coming to pick up Nosy (number one son) this afternoon. They popped over last night and met him and it was love at first sight. They live at Terrigal and have two kids, Naomi 8 and Cameron 6. They just loved him and he loved them and Paisley and Newman also smoothered them with attention and that's a great sign our only boy will have a great life. Of course I was in tears last night as I began to prepare for his last night, this is really the end my baby's are all gone as of 4.30 this afternoon. I will probably be a miss as I just don't do goodbyes well.
However they are all so loved and I received a text message from Julie ( mother of Bailey ) the first pup to leave and she is doing great . The text message was written as if from Bailey wishing her mummy Paisley a happy mothers day, it was so so so cute. They have been taking her to puppy school and she has learnt to sit , drop roll over and shake hands, she is putting her mum and dad to shame.
I called Gwen and Richard up in Wollombi this morning to see how our second little Champagne pup is doing and find out what they called her. They still haven't completely made up their mind but it looks like she may be called Bella. She is doing great a gets on very well with their other dog, a 10 year old short haired pointer female. Richard say she was a champ...
Then there is our little apricot baby I gave to my mum for mothers day , she is doing great she is almost house trained and has stopped crying at night and is just the cutest little girl , they called her Petal , how adorable is that.
Mum, Dad, 91 year old Nanna, Craig and I all made the 6 hour road trip up to Armidale on the weekend to visit Renee. We drove up Saturday and stayed at a little motel just around the corner from Renee's place. It was a quick trip but nice to all get away together and see the magical Autumn leaves turning in this pretty winter city. We took Mum, Dad and Nanna on a guided tour of Renee's Uni (UNE)and all had dinner at the local club .Up early Sunday, we looked around town and then headed off to Tamworth to the Peel Street markets ( community craft markets held every month in the region)I bought some great homemade biscuits, and baby cards for two friends of mine who have just had babies. louisa bought this great hand knitted beany and to top it off mum scored some delicious homemade pickels to have with our picnic lunch in ANZAC park before heading off . It was fantastic weather ,a real clear crisp Autumn day. Renee and her flatmate Louisa drove Renee's car the 1 hour trip down to Tamworth as it truly needed a run.
We then all hit the road for home around 2pm, arriving back around 6.30pm. Ryan babysat the big dogs and also NOSY and Mums little Petal. It was good to see them all playing crazy when we got home. Nosys new family had called a few times so I phoned then when we got home and very keen they came around 7.30, the kids in their pajamas and all.
Now Nosy id off to his new family and I'm sure he to will be a happy camper. As for mummy Tracey , our Paisley and daddy Newman , I guess we will be lost for a while but they say the mother dog forget however I'm not convinced of that. As far as I can tell this mother human wont be forgetting any time soon, I will be so so so sad to not have them with me anymore , but also thrilled they have all found the best homes, a job well done all round but still hard to let go, even writing this blog entry I'm welling up with tears just thinking about him going and Paisley not having her baby's anymore, but as Craig has said so many times this is what happens babe, the circle of life. I never did like the bloody Lion king.....!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mothers Day mixed with puppies

Yesterday was mothers day and I surprised my mum and 90 year old nanna ( who lives with my mum) with a gift that will keep on giving, a puppy . Yes, Dad finally agreed to let me give mum one of our puppies and I'm so thrilled I will always be able to see her and watch her grow up. Paisley and Newman can see her too, it is the best outcome all round. I placed a pink collar on her with a huge pink rose attached and gave her to mum in a mothers day gift bag , it was a true Kodak moment , there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Dads mothers Day present was all the bits and pieces needed for a new mother of a puppy , a new pink fluffy bed, new bowls and toys. Apparently the puppy cryed all night last night, I guess she was missing her bother and sister and of course mum Paisley and daddy Newman, oh and maybe Tracey mummy too!!!!

Renee sent me the most lovely Mothers day card in the mail and it arrived today, her timing was perfect because a lady named Gwen came to look at the 2 remaining pups and she decided then and there that she wanter the champagne little girl and took her, I was so unprepared to see her go and be left with just one pup and Paisley was also stressed and Newman to and number one son is crying, not to mention me I was a mess. When she handed me the $$$ and said how excited she was to be taking her , my heart missed a beat. I knew she was coming to have a look as she made the appointment last Friday but for some reason I didn’t know she would take her , like right away. I felt I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye properly , it was weird, all the other two I have know they were going and I had prepare myself the few days before and especially the night before to let them go, however in this case, bam she was gone, so I have been crying for the past ½ hour . I just don’t do goodbyes well, I’m so not a good puppy breeder I wanted to keep them all.. Now there is only little NOS ( number one son)left Paisley is running around looking for them and she also scratched the shit out of the door when the ladies left with the pup. She was barking and running around and she hasn’t done that for the others, so that upset me even more.
Anyway I guess they all had to go sometime , its just I wish the time went slower I just loved having them , I know they were hard work but I loved it.
Gwen the new mum to our Little champagne baby lives on acreage in Wollumbi , so she will have a great life on the property and Gwen seemed lovely and her daughter Jodie was also very nice so i know that she will be loved. Still and all after Gwen and her daughter Jodie left with the puppy I was in tears and checked the mail box and Renee's card was in there, that was just what I needed. So thank you universe for step daughters and for nice families to love our pups. One little boy left and then the circle of life is complete.