Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Number One Son leaves home

The Doyle pups have all found wonderful new homes, with a lovely family coming to pick up Nosy (number one son) this afternoon. They popped over last night and met him and it was love at first sight. They live at Terrigal and have two kids, Naomi 8 and Cameron 6. They just loved him and he loved them and Paisley and Newman also smoothered them with attention and that's a great sign our only boy will have a great life. Of course I was in tears last night as I began to prepare for his last night, this is really the end my baby's are all gone as of 4.30 this afternoon. I will probably be a miss as I just don't do goodbyes well.
However they are all so loved and I received a text message from Julie ( mother of Bailey ) the first pup to leave and she is doing great . The text message was written as if from Bailey wishing her mummy Paisley a happy mothers day, it was so so so cute. They have been taking her to puppy school and she has learnt to sit , drop roll over and shake hands, she is putting her mum and dad to shame.
I called Gwen and Richard up in Wollombi this morning to see how our second little Champagne pup is doing and find out what they called her. They still haven't completely made up their mind but it looks like she may be called Bella. She is doing great a gets on very well with their other dog, a 10 year old short haired pointer female. Richard say she was a champ...
Then there is our little apricot baby I gave to my mum for mothers day , she is doing great she is almost house trained and has stopped crying at night and is just the cutest little girl , they called her Petal , how adorable is that.
Mum, Dad, 91 year old Nanna, Craig and I all made the 6 hour road trip up to Armidale on the weekend to visit Renee. We drove up Saturday and stayed at a little motel just around the corner from Renee's place. It was a quick trip but nice to all get away together and see the magical Autumn leaves turning in this pretty winter city. We took Mum, Dad and Nanna on a guided tour of Renee's Uni (UNE)and all had dinner at the local club .Up early Sunday, we looked around town and then headed off to Tamworth to the Peel Street markets ( community craft markets held every month in the region)I bought some great homemade biscuits, and baby cards for two friends of mine who have just had babies. louisa bought this great hand knitted beany and to top it off mum scored some delicious homemade pickels to have with our picnic lunch in ANZAC park before heading off . It was fantastic weather ,a real clear crisp Autumn day. Renee and her flatmate Louisa drove Renee's car the 1 hour trip down to Tamworth as it truly needed a run.
We then all hit the road for home around 2pm, arriving back around 6.30pm. Ryan babysat the big dogs and also NOSY and Mums little Petal. It was good to see them all playing crazy when we got home. Nosys new family had called a few times so I phoned then when we got home and very keen they came around 7.30, the kids in their pajamas and all.
Now Nosy id off to his new family and I'm sure he to will be a happy camper. As for mummy Tracey , our Paisley and daddy Newman , I guess we will be lost for a while but they say the mother dog forget however I'm not convinced of that. As far as I can tell this mother human wont be forgetting any time soon, I will be so so so sad to not have them with me anymore , but also thrilled they have all found the best homes, a job well done all round but still hard to let go, even writing this blog entry I'm welling up with tears just thinking about him going and Paisley not having her baby's anymore, but as Craig has said so many times this is what happens babe, the circle of life. I never did like the bloody Lion king.....!!!!

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