Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mothers Day mixed with puppies

Yesterday was mothers day and I surprised my mum and 90 year old nanna ( who lives with my mum) with a gift that will keep on giving, a puppy . Yes, Dad finally agreed to let me give mum one of our puppies and I'm so thrilled I will always be able to see her and watch her grow up. Paisley and Newman can see her too, it is the best outcome all round. I placed a pink collar on her with a huge pink rose attached and gave her to mum in a mothers day gift bag , it was a true Kodak moment , there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Dads mothers Day present was all the bits and pieces needed for a new mother of a puppy , a new pink fluffy bed, new bowls and toys. Apparently the puppy cryed all night last night, I guess she was missing her bother and sister and of course mum Paisley and daddy Newman, oh and maybe Tracey mummy too!!!!

Renee sent me the most lovely Mothers day card in the mail and it arrived today, her timing was perfect because a lady named Gwen came to look at the 2 remaining pups and she decided then and there that she wanter the champagne little girl and took her, I was so unprepared to see her go and be left with just one pup and Paisley was also stressed and Newman to and number one son is crying, not to mention me I was a mess. When she handed me the $$$ and said how excited she was to be taking her , my heart missed a beat. I knew she was coming to have a look as she made the appointment last Friday but for some reason I didn’t know she would take her , like right away. I felt I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye properly , it was weird, all the other two I have know they were going and I had prepare myself the few days before and especially the night before to let them go, however in this case, bam she was gone, so I have been crying for the past ½ hour . I just don’t do goodbyes well, I’m so not a good puppy breeder I wanted to keep them all.. Now there is only little NOS ( number one son)left Paisley is running around looking for them and she also scratched the shit out of the door when the ladies left with the pup. She was barking and running around and she hasn’t done that for the others, so that upset me even more.
Anyway I guess they all had to go sometime , its just I wish the time went slower I just loved having them , I know they were hard work but I loved it.
Gwen the new mum to our Little champagne baby lives on acreage in Wollumbi , so she will have a great life on the property and Gwen seemed lovely and her daughter Jodie was also very nice so i know that she will be loved. Still and all after Gwen and her daughter Jodie left with the puppy I was in tears and checked the mail box and Renee's card was in there, that was just what I needed. So thank you universe for step daughters and for nice families to love our pups. One little boy left and then the circle of life is complete.

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