Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blood test done- check , ECG done, check

Today was the big ECG and blood test, one of the final hoops I have to jump through before the big banding. Dr Munroe requires his patients to have an extensive series of blood test and an Echo Cardio Gram ( ECG) done on the heart , just to make sure the old ticker is A-OK for surgery.

It was a scary process, of course it doesn't hurt, however me being the hypochondriac that I am , of course I was worried sick that I would have a heart problem or even worse a heart attack right there on the ECG table. I guess the many years of partying hard ,eating ,drinking and smoking what ever I wanted probably didn't help with my stress levels. I thought maybe I would have to pay the piper someday - but was that someday today. But thank God , all is well , my heart was just fine, great in fact , the test showed complete normal heart function, phew....
Let me say that again, Normal.

I must admit I was lying on the bed in the ECG room with wires coming off me everywhere and I could feel my pulse racing and throbbing in my head , actually throughout my entire body , it was freaky. Not to mention having to lie down in front of a complete stranger with no cloths on, not even my bra , nude from the waist up , with wobbly bits everywhere, loads of wobbly bits I might add, it put a whole new meaning to lovey jubilees.....

Anyway I survived, my modesty dinted, but intacted. They also took 5 tubes of blood , I guess I will hear the results of the bloods at some stage? I'm sure the insulin and cholesterol wont be telling a good story., but that's why I'm doing this, contary to popular belief its not just for the Mischino designed cloths but to improve my stats and therefore my health

Day 6 and the Diet from Hattie's seems to be getting a little easier, I guess I'm actually getting used to it. I must admit however I really need some meat and I would sell my first born for a slice of bread. Ahhh well, one week to go , no , actually only 6 days as I don't count LPO (lap Band Op ) day and then no More OPTI FAST.

I set myself up with a memento/reward system today . I have never been a real fan of the Pandora charm bracelet fad, however I saw a gold and black toned bracelet today and feel in love with it. So I ordered the bracket and with every 5kgs (11 pound) I lose I will by a charm , sort of like a reward and as it has nothing to do with food I thought this was a very healthy way to pat myself on the back. The charms average at around $50 each give or take, the solid gold ones are more expensive , but hey I thought this was a great idea and I will always wear my bracelet with such pride.

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