Sunday, November 16, 2008

No carbs No protein , 9 days to go

Its been 5 days since I started, what I now lovingly call, the "Diet from Hattie's".This is the most difficult eating challenge I have ever faced, forget weight watchers core program, forget low fat , low Carb, forget celebrity slim, forget the Israeli diet and all the Hollywood fads, this is seriously low kilo joule at its best.

The first 4 days were the worst , today is day 5 and it hasn't been as bad. Yesterday was difficult as Craig and I went to a corporate box at the Stadium to watch a soccer game between Adelaide United and The Central Coast Mariners last night. In the corporate suite they serve loads of delicious nibbles and the staff wait on you hand and foot with drinks & food all night. Just what a girl needs , no wonder I'm over my healthy body weight. Then to cap it all off they bring out the dessert platter, by then I could have cried. But to my credit and with the support of my amazing husband I didn't weaken, no mini lemon meringue pie for me and I said a big no to the evil pecan pie monster to boot.

Food aside I enjoyed the game and the company and a coke zero and nothing more. Craig is amazing he also needs to shed the pounds so he is doing this "Diet from Hattie's "with me, it is so much easier when someone is suffering with you, that age old adage of misery loves company is sad but true. The light at the end of the food tunnel was the local lads The mariners won the game 3-0.

Day 5 started great with a weigh in this morning and according to the scales I have lost 2.9kg ( 6.3 pounds) . I have to have lost over 4kg (8.8 lb) in the two weeks on this diet to be eligible for the surgery , doctors rules , so in 5 days I have lost close to 3kg, that means only a little over 1kg to go.


Expat in Hong Kong said...

Hey Tracey keep up the good work.....The way youre going you wont need surgery.

Anonymous said...

Tracey I'll be thinking of you all the way up to the big day and beyond.

I will be tuned in to the blog for updates.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...


This is Cassidy