Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yes, Im still here!

I'm so, so sorry for the delay in up dating my dear old blog, it has been insane in my world.

Its funny I have always been aware that there are three kinds of people in the world , those who make things happen , those who watch things happen and those who wonder what the F#%*K happened. I have always considered myself to be in the list of someone who makes things happen , however I may have to move to category number three , as I find myself lately thinking what the F#%*K is happening.

Just to keep you in the loop we have a full house with Sean ( oldest son ) , and his girlfriend Holly move back into the humble family home, Renee ( 18 year old daughter ) has just completed her HSC and was maybe going to move out to go to uni , but the course she wanted to do s at Newcastle uni at the Ourimbah campus so she will be staying at home with me and her dear old dad. Then we have Ryan ( 16 year old son ) he is our challenge , he has completed his formal education doing year 10 last year and thank god has a full time job to keep him out of harms way and I'm guessing he will not be leaving home anytime soon. We are packed to the Doyle's, there are 6 of us living in out little Wamberal home...and I must say it is crowded.

Then there is the story of my beautiful dogs Paisley and Newman, my little babies are going to be teen parents. Craig bought me Newman and Bichon x poodle two years ago as a mothers day present he is my pride and joy , then less than a year ago Craig bought me Paisley my little princess, she to is a bichon x poodle.

They are adorable . Newman is white and the king of his back yard jungle and Paisley is caramel and the most precious little darling. Well they are both not desexed as I one day wanted them to have puppies , I just didn't think that day would be the 3rd march 2009. Yep she came on heat 2 1/2 weeks before Christmas, they are on heat for three weeks. I went and bought little size 2-3 girls undies , all in bright beautiful colours of course then I cut a little hole for her tail and used a baby nappy pin to keep them firm to ensure our king of the backyard Newman didn't breach the barrier , her own little Chasity belt. This then meant I had to was poop and change her all the time even in the middle of the night , it was insane.

Then on New Years Day with everyone at our place and it being a 36degree day < class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_6">bam it took less than a minute and true love , young love found its way and yep she is pregnant. I was absolutely devastated when i saw them joined together It was like catching your 15 year old in the act. I was screaming and I put the hose on them. But alas Paisley will be a mummy and it looks like she has at least 5 puppies growing away , she is getting fatter by the day, she is well and all seems to be going great. We have had a couple of visits to the vets and she should be just fine having the puppies.

We have one more vet appointment on the 28th February for an x-ray so we know exactly how many puppies she will be having and so we can help her during the labour. So over the next few weeks we will look after our little mummy to be and then we can expect the pitter patter of little second generation bichon x poodle puppies to full the few empty cracks of our so overflowing home, the bird the two fish the dogs the pups the 4 kids and some where in there is Craig and I , not even to mention my lap band.

Then and there's more , work has been going crazy with 2009 looking like a great year for my PR and Events Management Company The Fresh Ideas Group , with work rolling through the door, and wait theres more , Craig and I are off to Darwin in may then Hong Kong in July the it looks like we will be spending Christmas in the USA , white Chrissy here we come, so I have also been very busy checking out and booking flights and planning , planning , planning, cleaning , mothering , working , being a wife and somewhere in there somewhere is Tracey and her lap band.
The last time I discussed my band was a couple of days after my second fill. Well that was three weeks ago, all is going OK, the weight loss hasn't been as fast as I had dreamt , however Dr super K is telling me to not be so hard on myself and I guess I have been nibbling on ice cream and the odd donut , so I guess if what energy goes in, regardless of banding, is more than energy going out then you will remain the weight you are and if that weight is too high then you will remain FAT. Anyway I was weight in Dr Munro's room's last Friday and it is official I have lost 8.9kgs and it has been 11 weeks since my operation , so I guess that isn't too bad.
Dr K said I need to not focus on the scales and focus on cloths and my changing shape , but that doesn't cut it for me I want the cloths number and the the kgs to be smaller and that's that , I have had three mls in my band and I'm in tomorrow for another fill of course under xray as I'm the problem child. My road to becoming a super model is still on track , I just went bush for a week or so , but I'm back on the tar road and have left the dirt bush track of eating ice cream and donuts behind me. I plan to drop at least 15 kgs by the time we go to Darwin promise I will let you know how it goes and I will not let the busy life story get me down and I will keep my public happy, thanks to all my blog followers that politely reminded me this week that I have been a slacko and I need to get my blog fingers tapping regularly...

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