Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Sweet bright and shiny New Year to all

As I haven't had any lap band lyrics to share I thought Id just take the time to wish you all a Happy sweety bright and shiny 2009. I'm so thrilled about the New year, 2009 will be my year , its my year to SHED, I'm going to shed kilos, I'm going to shed clutter and clean up my house. I have so many cupboards so full of clutter and junk its truly the year for shedding. I'm also going to shed stress and stop stressing about the kids , work , the pace of life and just enjoy the journey. I'm also going to shed worrying about $$ and plan and let the universe provide , Im open.
Craig and I are planning two weeks in beautiful Bali in June with 10 friends, and then in harmony with myself and the universe I " WILL" be in the USA for Christmas 2009, with my gorgeous husband, we "WILL" do a 6 week trip, spending New Year 2010 in New York..... I "WILL" also love to pop over to Hong Kong and China sometime this year to visit with my girlfriend Melanie, she has been home over Chrissy. We had a great night the other night chatting at a BBQ at our place about old times. Mel manages a hotel in Hong Kong and she has warned me I will be in shoppers heaven over there. So the plan is to shop and play with her in Honkers.
Im blessed and proud to say what a great time we have had over the Chrissy New year break, apart from not being able to have a fill so i have enjoyed the Christmas Fair . It was great to have all the family over for Christmas Day there were 19 of us aged from 11 months to 90. It was great to have all three kids all together.
We were meant to be going away for New Year however plans changed and still and all new year's turned out to be a hoot , we ended up spending the day at the races and backed winners all day then came home and swam in the pool, the pool the kids bought me ( see photo) and drank champers with friend's and family and finally pulled up stumps around 4.30am, all in all a great start to my year of shedding... i hope your new year frivolity was full of fun and friendship and bring on 2009. Health, happiness and hip hip hooray to you..

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