Friday, February 27, 2009

The puppies are here,
They were born between 10.36pm and 11.22pm last night, Thursday 26th February , they are absolutely divine, the little white boy was first and he is a baby Newman, just like his dad, he is so so cute, next was a little girl exactly the same colour as Paisley.Number 3 and 4 were also little girls and they are so beautiful they are a champagne in colour. I was up every half hour making sure they were all OK, and guess what we made it through night one, yahoo....We are so thrilled, Paisley did so well she is the best little mother. They are all feeding well and everything seems perfect. We have kept Newman away so she can settle in to motherhood, we will slowing introduce him to the puppies over the next few days. Now the fun starts in the Doyle house with 5 kids, 6 dogs, two fish , 1 cockateil and Craig and I wish us luck....!

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