Friday, March 13, 2009

Forty two , fun , friends, food and frivolity

Hi team

Just a quick update on the life of one T Doyle, life has been hectic with planning the big charity regatta that is on next Wednesday 18th march through to kids and puppies and of course husband and in there is also family, friends and then me.

Mum and dad are away up the coast this week, with friends so my 91 year old nanna is staying in respite so i have made sure I have rung her and had a chat. Mum , nanna and I had a nice outing last Sunday sharing a high tea at the beautiful magenta Shores resort , it was a charity event again raising money for Westpac Rescue Helicopter service. My big Charity regatta is coming up next Wednesday it is also to raise funds for Westpac rescue Helicopter Service. It will be a great day there will be over 40 boats sailing and the sponsors have been great. It has been a hard sponsorship sell due to the Global economic downturn and the bushfire appeals.

The puppies are growing so fast , they are the most wonderful things to watch , they have their eyes open and are starting to play with each other and they are so active and animated. One climbed out of the box yesterday so the fun is about to begin with puppies everywhere. Paisley is such a great little mum, as young as she is, you cant fault her , the babies are strong , fat , alert and as clean as a whistle she looks after them so well. Newman the proud dad sits in guard of his wife and kids it is so adorable to watch.

As far as the kids go Renee is loving UNE ( University of New England) she has a job at the Darell lee chocolate shop and is getting right into her classes , she loves the women she is living with and all sounds like the universe has helped her get exactly where she deserves to be. Sean is working his but off he is in Canberra this month then back to Hobart, I think he will be home for a few days over Easter. Holly is singing her way around the coast and working very closely with Bill Chambers ( father of Casey chambers ) on some new album ideas. The distance between her and Sean has been playing havoc on the relationship , however the heartache has made for some great new song writting ideas. I have been helping with the lyrics it is fun, I'm good with words. Ryan is doing a great job outside the home at his work i just wish he could bring some of that nice Ryan attitude back through our front door, here's hoping....

The lap band journey is a long ride I tell you , slowly but surely I'm losing weight but more slowly than surely , I still want to wake up a size 10 super model and i know that wont happen but somehow I still believe, I watch the secret i live the secret so I believe i will wake up a size 10 super model some day soon, maybe somewhere over the rainbow in the land of sunshine and roses but it will happen. I was weighted today when i saw Dr Kelly and I saw Megan ( the dietitian) and I have been given a "get out of goal free pass" and I'm able to have another fill next week as I'm still able to eat most foods and to much , i have lost 11.2kgs so that's OK but Craig and i have booked to go to Darwin to a conference in May and the we are off to Hong Kong ands China for nearly three weeks at the end of June and I want to be at least 20 kgs lighter by the time my feet hit Hong Kong soil.

That's about the summary to date of life at the Doyle's. Oh one more thing it is my birthday this Sunday March 15th and a group of us are going to the Gnostic Cafe, Woy Woy for brunch , I'm forty two , celebrating with good friends, fine fun , and frivolity.


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