Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Amazing Doyle pups @ 4 1/2 weeks old

These are just the cutest most adorable puppies that were ever born , they are 5 weeks old this Thursday, April 2nd and I have to say they just get grow more adorable every day , their fur is getting so long and their ears are growing and they are running and playing and barking and growling and they are now eating real puppies food , out with the farex they are eating soft mince and they love it.

I will have to start to prepare myself for them to move to their new homes as I cant keep them forever. I must admit I did consider moving to a farm/property just so I could have them all, and that is very freaky as I'm not a rural person at all, but the things you consider for love!!!! I rang the paper yesterday to enquire as to the cost of an ad and I called Dr Michael our vet to book in for their vaccinations and to be micro chipped. This cant be done until they are 7-8 weeks so I still have a few weeks to wait.

If any of you guys know anyone keen to by one of my little treasures here is the deal , the little Boy ( white ) is $650 and the two little champagne girls are $750 and the pure apricot little girl is $800 . They sell in the pet shops for over $1400. They are Bichon-freese cross poodles second generation. Both their parents Paisley and Newman are bichon-freese cross poodles and they have the best temperament you could ever want. They are small dogs and they love people and kids, they need to be inside dogs and they will sit on your lap all night . They are playful and we have both the mum and dad and they do not bark allot. That is a miss conception that little dogs are yappers, these two are great , they will let you know if someone comes to the house , but that is a good thing.

They are funny and they do not smell, they do not shed as they have fur like sheep's wool. Both the parent dogs are fit and well and have never had a health problem, the mother paisley is 1 year old and the father Newman is 2 1/2 . This breed is ideal for people with allergy's as they are hyper allergenic due to their wool like fur. The no shedding is great so as you are not forever cleaning fur off your cloth or furniture. If you know anyone keen on buying one of my little special babies they are welcome to call me on 0438 615 122 and they can come over and meet the parents. Deposits will be taken now to secure your pup. Anyway as hard as it is I will try to ensure they go to good homes, where they will be safe and loved.

Enough about the pups as to the rest of my life, this are going great actually , we have had a few ups and downs over the past few weeks I can always use more work and we have had a few issues with the kids. Ryan ( 16 year old son ) and Holly ( 22 year old son's girl fiend from the USA who lives with us) have had a few clashes and there has been a parting of the ways and Holly has decided to move out into her own little flat at Tascott , so that is great i will miss her but she needs to have her independence and this will be great for her to mature and have her own place and she will be free from the Ryan factor which at times is very much a challenge. She moves out on the 6th April . We will still see lots of Holly Im sure as she is always welcome at our place and she will be coming over every Thursday at 4.30pm to teach me to play the piano, i got a key Board for my birthday and Holly's present was lessons to teach me play , can you stand it , me the pianist, watch out Beethoven... how cool is that...

The big law student extraordinaire Renee comes home from Uni in Armidale for three weeks on the 10th April, just in time for a Good Friday fish- B- Q . She is bringing her German flatmate Louisa with her so that will be great , the yank moves out and we gain little miss Renee and a German chick , how cool. I cant wait to see Renee, its funny you often dont know what you have got till its gone. Sean is also back for Easter , I'm guessing he will be staying with Holly in her new pad , but I'm sure we will be seeing allot of him , he is on the Coast for 10 days.

Craig and I are getting all excited about our week in Darwin , I guess I'm a little more excited than Craig as he will have to work while he is there , where as i just get to site see and do the partners programs while he is working at the conference. We got cheep Jet star flights .We will be up there for two days before the conference starts so we are going to hire a car and go out to Litchfield National Park , apparently it is more beautiful and less touristy than Kakadu. We are staying in the Harbour View Novotel with Harbour views from our room, how lovely. We fly out on the 21st May. Then we are back for two weeks and we fly out to Hong Kong and China on the 20th June , that's a story for future blog posts... I love my life....

As far as the land of lap band goes I have lost close to 12 kilos, it has been 15 weeks since my op so I guess that isn't to bad. i had another fill last week now have a total of 6 mls in my band , so I have considerable restriction. I must admit it isn't all smooth sailing , the band makes it hard to eat things that are good for me like fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and breads and rice. These foods are difficult to get down. Since my last fill I have had allot of trouble with chicken breast and bread and also fish and I had rice on the weekend and that got stuck. This can lead to whats known as dysfunctional eating , that is you are hungry and because you cant eat a wide variety of foods you tend to snack on foods that you know will go down and will not get stuck and cause a blockage and hence pain and regurgitation . like biscuits, ice cream , chocolate and most highly processed foods including crunchy chips and bad things. So it isn't as easy as you may think, will power is most defiantly still a major requirement. I have been trying to go to the gym at least 4 times a week, I was a lazy ass and didn't go last week or the week before and my weight loss was zilch. I need to go to the gym and do at least 3-4 spin classes a week and go walking to get weight off , lap band or no lap band, far out I tell you it is such a battle being naturally FAT.... Anyway I'm losing around 700gms a week so that means if I keep it up I will have lost around 35kg by Christmas and my goal is to loose 45kg . It is a two year process to get to goal.

Anyway folks great chatting and I must be off , till next time , live long and prosper and if you want more info on my little munchin baby puppies then call me.....!!!

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