Thursday, December 18, 2008

Better late than never...

Life has taken over when recovery left off, we have been renovating my office and the back yard and Renee has her HSC results and Christmas is upon us.
Health wise I'm absolutely fine, I visited Megan my dietitian a week and a half ago and she is very pleased with my recovery. My operation was three weeks yesterday and I'm now feeling great.
The only issue I have is that I'm able to eat to much food and I'm always hungry and this is not conducive to losing weight, dahhh.. I can eat anything and everything - bread, steak, cake, curry , you name it I can eat it. I have not vomited or had a blockage at any stage. I haven't been unwell at all, I love it except for the fact that I'm eating to much and my weight lose is to slow, I actually asked Megan did Dr Munro really put the band in as I feel very normal. I must admit I can not eat as much as I could pre-band and that is good for example I cooked soft tacos for the family a few days ago , possibly the first meal I have actually cooked for everyone since the op. Usually I would be able to eat at least two usually three soft tacos with the lot meat cheese avocado, tomato, lettuce etc however the other night I was only able to eat one, so it is working. I feel I need more restriction as I have very limited will power and if I feel full I stop , so for the pain and suffering and the cost I want to feel full.... I have lost just over 8kgs and that is not enough in three weeks, including optifast...
The festive season certainly hasn't helped, not that that is an excuse, however we have had so many functions and I have been nibbling a little... All temptation aside i called Dr Munro's rooms to ask for help and beg for a fill. This is the story I have learnt apparently when the band is put in Dr Munro doesn't put any fluid in as he wants your body to adjust to the band being there and to let the swelling go down and see how you go.
4-6 weeks after surgery you have a post op visit and Dr Munro if required will put fluid into the band to make the hole the food passes through much tighter and smaller. Thus providing more restriction on what you can eat, both the amount and the type of food. As mentioned this is done 4-6 weeks after the operation , however due to my hunger I have requested that I have a fill now, three weeks after surgery and a week before Christmas. That will stop me being hungry and help me utilise the band and have better weight loss. Most people after their first fill find there is s dramatic difference to the level of restriction and they also find that this greatly improves their weight loss. So I'm scared and also excited, as I want to feel fuller and lose more weight faster.
The band itself has a tube and a port that is sewn in to the abdominal muscles about 10-15cm above the belly button. You cant see the port , the doctors locate the port and pass an injection through the skin and pump the fluid in through the port to the band. Some people find that they have lots of issues finding the port and it has to be located by x-ray, I hope I'm not one of these...
So that's when I am, I will let you know how I go, but all in all I'm great and I do feel better with what I have lost so far, I can only imagine how I will feel once I shift 40kgs + ( 90+pounds)

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